It has been a wonderful opportunity to share the love I have for Italy by helping to create unique and memorable moments for our clients.

I was born and raised in a small town in the center of Italy, in the region of Umbria. Growing up here, I found myself taking for granted the greenery, the mountains surrounding my town, the rolling hills I would see from the car window, and the historical significance of every stone I’d walk on. It wasn’t until I had the amazing opportunity to move to the United States that I truly appreciated my home country.

When I was 15 years old, my dad worked in the Italian air force and was offered a work transfer to the US. My parents, grandma, younger brother, and I – plus our family dog – packed up and moved our lives to a town near Dallas, Texas, where we lived for 3 years. While there, I learned English as I enjoyed the American high school experience – one completely different from that of students in Italy – and made friendships that I still have to this day. I fell in love with the country and the people, but in my heart, I still yearned for the green hills of my native country.

After my junior year, I transferred back to Italy. I had missed my home, even the annoying church bells that would ring in front of my house on Sunday morning. With a newfound love for my home, I began exploring Italy with fresh eyes, finding beauty and appreciating history around every corner. Over time, I realized that I wanted everyone to be able to experience Italy the way I was now seeing it, and I began to take an interest in travel.

As I got older, I traveled for long weekends to visit towns I had never gotten the chance to see in my youth and to rediscover towns I had taken for granted, roaming the country between hidden gems like Verona, Milan, and Naples and the classics, such as Florence, Rome, and Venice.

During the next few years, I worked at the front desk of a vacation country house in the middle of the Umbrian hills, introducing me to the world of tourism. The owners of the country house also produced wine, so I was fortunate to have the opportunity to witness firsthand the art of winemaking. I took great interest in vineyards, wineries, and wines, so much so that I started taking sommelier lessons with the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) and have now completed the first two levels of the course.

I have a great love for helping people discover Italy’s beauty through travel and experiences. Working for Ciao Andiamo since 2015 has been a wonderful opportunity to be able to share the love I have for Italy by helping to create unique and memorable moments for our clients.