In 2015, while earning my Bachelor’s degree in Classical Civilization, I had the opportunity to study abroad in a small medieval town in Tuscany called Certaldo Alto. I completely fell in love with Tuscany and the unique culture of the Italian communities.

I returned to Italy 6 years ago and I’ve spent every summer and several small trips in between immersing myself in the ambiance of the Tuscan region. During that time, I’ve worked at the archaeological dig site of Cetamura del Chianti and have been a museum curator interpreting this site into major exhibitions in Florence and Siena. One of the three original Chianti towns, Radda in Chianti, has stolen a piece of my heart and it’s not from the epic landscapes, incredible food, nor the historical grandeur. It’s the connection to the people who began as acquaintances but have grown into lifelong friends that keeps calling me back.

My experiences within Italy have shaped my life in ways that I didn’t expect, and I am dedicated to connecting as many people as possible with this spectacular country and the remarkable people who make Italy unforgettable.