I first set foot in Italy at age three as part of a trip that started a lifelong passion for Italy for me and my whole family. Growing up, my parents and I returned time after time to explore new corners of the country and revisit our favorites, and even brought groups of others as well.

However, I truly fell in love with Italy as a teenager on a week-long trip to Assisi. Immersing myself in its winding medieval streets, exploring the Umbrian countryside, and eating every truffle I could get my hands on, I knew that Italy would be a part of me forever.

It was no great surprise to anyone when I focused on Medieval and Renaissance Italy in my academic career and eventually announced I was moving to Florence itself to pursue my Master’s degree in Art History. While doing my own work in the archives, literally touching the history I was studying, I was also leading trips for undergraduate students in Florence and teaching at all the major sites across Italy. With each trip I learned to share my love of Italy with my students—its history, art, and culture. And outside of classes, living in Italy made me fall deeper in love with its people, food, and way of life.

Once back in the US, I taught Art History for several years before leaving academia during the pandemic, but I always knew I’d find my way back to all things Italy in one way or another. Now, working for Ciao Andiamo, I’m thrilled to share my experience, knowledge, and love of Italy with each of our clients.