Italy is like nowhere else in the world I've ever been. The food, history, culture, art – and, most of all, the people – make it a place you'll want to visit over and over again.

My first visit to Italy was in 2016 when I spent a month in Napoli working as a volunteer teacher’s aid at an elementary school. During my time there, I was able to experience the city not as a tourist, but more as a resident: I had a daily commute; I had my favorite espresso spot; I made friends; I was completely immersed in the life and culture of this wonderful city. In my free time, I explored every part of the country I could get to. My evenings took me up and down the coast, visiting the different idyllic towns on the Mediterranean, and on the weekends I found myself trodding the cobblestoned streets of Rome and sailing around the isle of Capri.

Since that summer, I have traveled to many different parts of the world spanning multiple continents – none compare to Italy. The incredible richness of the country is evident everywhere you look: in the food, history, culture, and art, but most of all, in the people. It is truly a place you’ll want to visit over and over again.