I love considering myself a magician, someone who makes people’s Italy dreams come true!

It is a privilege to be born and raised in Italy, and it is an even greater privilege to help travelers get to know my country. Once I’ve cast the spell on you, you’ll want to discover more and more.

I moved overseas when I was 21. Up until then, I had lived in a small city in Tuscany, had barely traveled, and no one in my family had ever taken an airplane. I felt proud of myself for finding my way to a new country. But I also know I was able to learn that much about a new country and its culture, each part of it, thanks to the people who played a special role along the way.

Today, I feel deeply grateful for being one of those people helping you and your companion travelers feel at home in my own country: Italy. Italian culture is a combination of elements that will make your soul happier and immensely satisfied. Food, wine, stunning landscapes, history, architecture, fashion, cars,.. why would you wait to discover it all?