My greatest satisfaction is to welcome our clients the day they arrive and first touch the soil of my country, watch over them so every experience is just perfect, and embrace them as part of our Ciao Andiamo family.

Growing up in the heart of Italy, in Spello, Umbria, I didn’t realize at first the beauty of my small town. My quaint village on a hill, facing neighboring Assisi, seemed unremarkable then, and my curiosity and ambition drove me to learn new languages and visit new places.

In a language school, I studied English, German, and Russian, and I eventually attended the historic and acclaimed La Sapienza University in Rome. I graduated with a degree in Political Science and International Relations, and I later expanded my education with a Masters in Marketing in Tourism.

I got married to Max in 1992 and lived for 5 years in Genova, before coming back to Umbria. And together, we restored an ancient building where we opened the first country house in Umbria, where I personally prepared a wonderful and unique breakfast for my beloved clients.

We organized tours and private clients from all over the world, introducing travelers to our culture and traditions. In the beginning, just Umbria, and soon after all over Italy, creating deep relationships around the country.

At a certain point, we met Jon at the beginning of his adventure and decided to merge our companies into one as we had the same love for Italy. We became official co-owners of Ciao Andiamo. My role is, nowadays, to lead the Italian office, assist the travelers when in Italy, and keep great relationships. A few years ago, my passion drove me to become also a certificated Sommelier, which is very important to suggest the best experiences of wineries for our travelers.