About Ciao
Fall in love with the romance of Italy on an unforgettable, authentic escape.
Whether you’re a first-time traveler to the country or a long-time Italy-lover, you’ll find that our passion for all things Italian comes through in every trip we design. We take full advantage of our first-hand experience throughout the country—from picturesque cities big and small, to classic medieval towns, hidden vineyards and dramatic coasts— introducing you to our local network of Italy insiders along the way.

Our Story

When the concept of Ciao Andiamo was first imagined in 2008, it was a company of one with a simple mission: to connect individuals to the beauty of Italy in the most authentic way possible. Jon, the company’s founder, had spent years living and traveling within Italy, connecting with locals and instantly finding himself captivated by the culture, food, wine and la vita italiana. A deep-seated love for all things Italian was born, and Jon aspired to create Ciao Andiamo; to help others embark on their own authentic journeys through Italy. Soon after founding the company, Jon partnered with Max and Cristiana, a husband-and-wife team with decades of experience showing travelers the real Italy that Italians love.

Our Team

Jonathan Pollock
Jon is a native New Yorker with a long-time love for all things Italian. He earned his Bachelors’ degree in Italian Studies from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Jon has spent multiple years living and traveling throughout Italy, from his studies in Florence to his working days in metropolitan Milan.
I wanted to start a different kind of travel company: boutique, personal and helping travelers experience Italy in the most authentic and meaningful way possible.”

Max and Cristiana
Max and Cristiana are a husband-and-wife team living in Umbria. They have a passion for sharing Italy’s local culture and traditions, and unlocking the hidden treasures of ‘secret Italy’. Max and Cristiana have decades of experience in the world of hospitality, from managing a 4-star hotel in Rome and running a countryside bed-and-breakfast, to leading off-the-beaten-path private and small-group excursions.
It is more than our years of experience touring and organizing events. It is about the pleasure we get seeing our clients fall in love with the many beauties of our country. And often, in the process, we find we have all become friends and had a new adventure of our own!

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